Walking in the season you are in with peace:

Each of us are in one season or another. Seasons come and seasons go. Each season prepares us for the next season. We should never underestimate a season we are in because it doesn’t seem as exciting and glamorous as past seasons. We never know what small lessons we are learning that will prepare us to thrive in the next season.
This morning: I woke up being attacked with a lack of purpose. And you know what that leads to-many problems in the mind.
Lynn, my mother in law who lives with us, prayed for me after I told her I was struggling that morning. During her prayer I saw the lies I was believing and was able to realize they were lies.
As a homeschooling mother of 4 children, life can feel overwhelming at times. I needed to rethink the season I am in and ask God for wisdom so I can truly follow His will and not my own will so I can truly have joy at the end of the day. God has had us on a journey of how to get processed food out of our daily lives. With that comes a lot of cooking! So this adjustment has taken it’s toll on me. I must adjust to the sacrifices it takes to cook more.
Lies I was thinking:
Ministry is the reason why we don’t have good habits in our lives.
I have burdens and pressures to do ministry to M.sl and my neighbors that I can’t fulfill so I’m a bad Christian. I should just give up.
I feel distant and separated from my church so I have no purpose for going.
Everybody’s mood depends on me. All the pressure is on me. If I wake up late then the whole day will go bad and its my fault.  Why does it all have to depend on me?
Who am I? I am a daughter of God, a faithful wife, and a good mother.
What is my purpose?
To fulfill God’s call on my life for this particular season in my life.
My season in life right now is to spend my life spending time with the Father reading His Word, to help my husband in his life and the ministry, to cook healthy food, to teach my children knowledge, to instill good hygiene habits for our bodies and our house. I must pray and ask God before saying yes to doing anything outside of this. Anything outside of this that I do will only be by the grace of God.
With church, being on the altar prayer team, is enough for this season in my life. Maybe children’s ministry in the future, but focusing on Matthew and I attending a life group together is important.
Excess things in my life need to be limited.

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