Update on Kids Club

We started the new year 2017 with the goal to start talking about Jesus and the Bible in our kids club.

I texted all the parents and said, “I will be sharing from the Keys for Kids App at Kids Club each time. It talks about God and teaches them how to be a strong leader.” And I haven’t had any opposition since.

The first Friday in the New Year I played a you tube video about God and why the Bible is important. The next door neighbor girl who is 9 years old raised her hand and asked, “What is a Bible?” Wow. My mouth just about dropped to the floor! I can’t believe she is so unreached and she lives right next door to me!

So far in our kids club we have had 3 kids from next door ages 9, 5, 4. And 2 siblings boy and girl ages 9, 7 and their boy cousin who is 10. We have 2 brothers who are Chinese and are Buddhist who are 9, 4 years old. Plus my 4 kids. Not all of them come every single time, but for the most part we have a good number.

Now the agenda is Ice Breaker, the kids recite the memory verse that I told them to memorize last kids club. If they can recite it then they get a prize at the end of kids club. I show a portion of the Jesus film. Read a small Bible story. Then we get prayer requests. Then we pray for each other. Then they read the positive words I have written out from a book. We go over the new memory verse. I speak words of life over them. They get their prize and eat snack and play for 20 minutes.

Our goal is to invite everyone in our neighborhood over for dinner. We will invite the kids club’s families first. We had the next door neighbors over first since they are the closest to us.

They do not talk about the Lord. We just had good conversation and fellowship. I’m praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with the parents soon! This month in fact!

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