Rewarding your kids!!

I have been rewarding my kids so much more for the things they do right!! I am using the rod in love more since hearing the teaching from the dvd of The Joy Of Training, but I’m also rewarding them more!

The idea I want to pass along that I’m doing.

2 months ago I created an excel spreadsheet with a list of ideas for the kids to get rewarded pretend money. I would put a check mark on each thing as they did it during the week. Then on Friday’s give them the pretend money they earned and they could but things from the blue bucket. This did teach and train them for what things they can do to get rewarded or praised. This got too tedious to keep track of so then I resorted to this:

I have a blue plastic bucket with a lid in my pantry up high filled with things my children love that are not expensive. I do have mostly candy or gummies or sweets, but you can have other things. We don’t eat that stuff in the house normally, so it is special. I will give them one thing from there when I decide they are doing really good!

The rule is they can’t ask or remind me. I have to initiate it when I feel they are doing something great or have a great attitude.

My kid’s have enjoyed more verbal praise from me and stuff from the blue bucket periodically! I’m pleased with the results. I see when their heart’s are in it and not just doing something for a reward! That’s the goal of course.

Ever since I have understood the teaching from there has been more hugging and peace in my home!

Thank you Lord!

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