Poem about the real struggle with sugar

The enemy who asks you to dance in the moonlight
Little by little
inch by inch
Sugar draws you in
He holds your hand
Then kisses your nose
Then  twirls you in a bliss
You take a step back
Say no thanks
And turn to walk away
He sings a song
A song so dear
That draws you ever near
The memories that fill the sky
The love you held so dear
Is twinkling in your eyes
Comfort fills your soul
As you dance to one more song
Under the blue moonlight
The song, it ends.
To find me in
A pool of my own blood
The dagger of the beating knife
Cut through my broken heart
The friend I thought I had
Left me in the dust
The joy I thought I’d found
Was really lies that kept me bound
The convenience it brought me in
Gave me laziness instead
Why would I return
To the one that leaves me dry?
My soul, it thirsts for one
In a dry and weary land
Where the water runs free
And the sun knows no bounds
Take me there,
Take me there,
Take me there.
I will run and not grow weary
I will walk and not faint
Ill take the hand of the man in white
Who looks at me with shining eyes
The love that burns so deep
Races through my beating heart
I cannot help but spin in wonder
To the song that surrounds the heavens
The beauty that engulfs me
To my amazement leaves me breathless
I close my eyes
Fearful of what may come next
Only to feel the nail scarred hands
Catching my fallen steps
Trust is what he asks of me.
Commitment is what he asks of me.
Love is what He asks of me.
How can I refuse the one who
Will never leave me,
Never forsake me?
Take me,
I’m yours.
To the one who left me in my pool of blood,
You will never have my heart.
You will never steal my joy.
You will never dance with me again.
I have a new partner.
His dances never get old.
He has a hop in his step.
His one finger can flick you to your doorstep.
So don’t come taking my hand,
Or asking me to dance.
Only a fool would dance at your command.
He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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