My go to instead of added sugar:

These are the things that help me right now at 34 years old as I begin my LIFELONG journey of no added sugar:

  1. Drinking water in the morning with squeezed lemon, ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), tiny bit of salt, grated ginger, tiny bit of raw local honey, cayenne pepper- Thank you to my sister, Claire, who showed me a lady named Christa from “The Whole Journey” who teaches this:
  2. Drinking herbal tea with licorice or a tiny bit of stevia
  3. Roasting my own almonds in avocado oil in the oven on 400 degrees and broiling them
  4. Chia seed pudding with Lakanto sugar which is from Monkfruit sold at Sprouts. This is a great replacement for sugar when baking a dessert.
  5. When I am really stressed, I immediately make a fruit smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of fresh no added sugar orange juice, collagen protein powder. This smoothie has helped me incredibly. It gives me energy and helps me conquer the stress.
  6. Now I can eat when I am hungry because my leptin hormone is working again! Too much added sugar actually stops our leptin hormone from working! This hormone is the hormone that signals to our brain when we are full so we can stop eating. Now, I know when I am full! It is amazing. Trying to wait between meals without snacking helps us fast more. If I feel hunger, I definitely eat, so I don’t get too hungry. I try to not eat after 8pm and start eating around 12 if at all possible to help my body fast 16 hours or less. The “Obesity Code” by Jason Fung proved that fasting between meals and at night help regulate our insulin.
  7. I focus on eating the foods I do really enjoy. Trying to force myself to eat all kinds of food just because it’s good for me, doesn’t work for me. Then I end up eating more because I would eat that and then eat the food I really wanted! Eating less carbs and smaller portions is my goal! This came from Chantel Ray’s book called “Waist Away”:
  8. Knowing and reviewing my boundaries is a must. I do not eat a food if sugar or any of it’s sister ingredients are listed in the ingredient list. I also try to stay away from gluten as much as possible. I eat fruit in moderation and as needed. I will exercise because it is the right thing to do to give my body energy and health.
  9. I do not drink juice unless it’s 1/2 cup for a smoothie when I am super stressed.
  10. I am not focusing on my body or weight. I am focusing on being effective and healthy. I am rejecting any thoughts about comparing myself to any other woman’s figure or comparing myself to my past weight or body image. I am beautiful and God wants me to know my worth and value! I literally could not continue to uphold good thoughts about my value while eating added sugar. It brought so much fog to my brain, I couldn’t think straight. Having a disciplined life is something that seems possible now. I have hope!

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