Life in 2019!! Balance of Ministry to others and Family Life

It’s been a while since I’ve written!

As a mom have you ever thought, ‘how can I take care of my family well and serve in the kingdom of God well’? As a homeschooling mom, I have come to find out more and more that when I seek the kingdom of God first, just like Matthew 6:33 says, I end up stumbling across amazing wonderful treasures out of nowhere it seems!😀 Of course, I know its God blessing me, but it feels like out of nowhere! It’s completely His grace! For example, on the way to a time of ministry with someone my kids and I ended up having an amazing conversation on the way there that blew me away! And we would have never had that conversation if I wouldn’t have been on the way to that Ministry that was an hour away. Also, the next day God downloaded a new schedule idea that would work for the 4 ages of children I have that would be more efficient! I’m amazed. Thank you Lord for your grace.

It’s all about having the peace of the Lord! Jimmy Evans preached at Gateway Church this past Sunday on Peace. It was so incredible. One thing he said is that Jesus was able to calm the storm because He himself was calm. He said you can’t give away what you don’t have. That was so good for me as a parent to understand if I’m not calm I can’t expect anyone to be calm around me. The other thing that I’ve been meditating on is his comment about what prayer really is. He said prayer is rolling your burdens onto the father. If we just worry the whole time and just talk out loud that’s not really prayer. I’ve had the peace of the Lord this week!

I have the tendency to react with a lot of emotion and so I can stir the room up with my reactions. Recently, I have been exuding peace even in a storm with my children and it’s amazing how things calm down and stay that way. Now I understand how other mom’s don’t have such chaotic days like I have had.

I am walking in peace everyday by God’s grace.

I am working with the child who is struggling the most in reading every morning right when that child wakes up! It’s best to tackle the hardest thing that takes the most patience and energy!

Then I am keeping it simple with the home school and accomplishing the most necessary things.

We home school all year long since we take breaks randomly for ministry or as the Lord leads.


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