Isaiah’s Dream last night about conquering fear!

Isaiah is telling me his dream he had last night 1/5/2018:

Isaiah talking:

So, I went to sleep and me and Aidan and Elijah were in the bathroom and then there was these three demons. I said, “In the name of Jesus get out!” And me and the demon were fighting and I kept saying, “In the name of Jesus get are a demon…I…”, and then we were fighting and then it was over. I knew I won because I saw the demon dead. When I woke up I said, “Woah! That was a big dream. If felt real.”

I think God let me have this dream to present that I don’t need to be afraid. Superbook caused this dream because I remember what Chris said,”I don’t need to be afraid because the Lord God will deliver me!” I was able to fight the demon because Chris fought the devil with the truth!


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