I started a BEE Friendly Kindness Kids club at my house every Friday!!!

I want to give anyone out there inspiration to start their own kids club this week!!

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I met Kristi Kennedy at her booth she had at the leadership Gateway conference a month ago! She showed me the encouragement cards she created! I got to hear more! The cards itself is a ministry! Then they also have a program for Elementary Schools to banish bullying!! Their program is really professional and fun for the kids! They also incorporate these cards in their program for the kids to learn how to hand them out to other kids! You can buy your own cards on the website above or at www.beefriendlynow.com

Here is a picture with the life size BEE they had at the booth! This same BEE goes into the schools with the program! It’s really fun for the kids!

Bee friendly now organization Matthew and I
Bee friendly now organization
Matthew and I

At the conference when I saw those cards the Lord immediately dropped it into my spirit to start a kindness Bee kids club at my house every week! I said, “Yes! Lord!”

That next day I made homemade flyers and passed it out to the kids at the bus stop and to the parents I saw.

That following Friday we had our first meeting! It was so wonderful to start this.

We start our time with signing in. Then eat a small snack. Have an icebreaker game. I talk about bullying and kindness. I bring awareness through videos or inspirational stories from my high school experience with showing kindness. Then we say our pledge of kindness that I found on the internet. I then speak encouraging words over them. Then I hand out a BEE card to them and challenge them to hand it to someone at their school who looks as if they need encouragement. Then I hand out a prize for the best listener and a dum-dum sucker to everyone else who payed attention.

We have had 6 times that we have met! I can tell the impact it is making in the kids!

I will share another update soon of some testimonies and more of what we do in the group!

Our first kids club!
Our first kids club!
One of our most recent times!
One of our most recent times!

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