How my lifestyle became gluten free!

On January 26th I met with my sister-in-law Isabel. She is my brother’s wife. She is such an amazing person and so are her children and of course my brother. She told me the amazing testimony of her daughter being miraculously healed from leaky gut syndrome that could have led to celiac disease or lupus autoimmune disease. When she finished telling me the story of how she was healed she said that she was not going to feed her gluten because of the knowledge and the truth about gluten and how it is bad for our human bodies to consume. It hit me so clearly! Vicki my niece now can eat everything except for gluten. But her perspective is that she can eat anything and she is so happy and thankful to even be able to eat a cucumber or carrots or rice. She was down to only 10 foods because the other foods made her breakout in severe allergic reactions. I figured I can have the same perspective as Vicki in order to get health in my body. Ever since then because my perspective is positive clear and happy I do not struggle with a desire to eat gluten. I have read enough about gluten that made me want to quit gluten but I never had the right mindset and willpower to do it. I already have digestive issues and I thought if I keep eating gluten it will only get worse.

Today is February 10th and I feel amazing! My digestive system is peaceful. I have more energy. I have a clear mind. I am more consistent with how I want to live and be disciplined. I don’t live by my feelings as much. I still crave sugar ┬ábut ┬áthe Cravings do not overpower me anymore . They are very controlled now. Overall I can be more spiritually minded because of this weight that has been lifted off of me in my mind and in my body.

Thank you God for healing Vicky from her leaky gut syndrome! God you still speak in visions and dreams and you use people on Earth to be your vessels to bring healing to your children! If you are interested in how she got healed I can tell you the story if you email me at

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