How are we doing?

We are so humbled this time of being in the States. God is so great and so wonderful to allow us to be here with friends and family and to get refreshed before heading out to our next assignment. All of us have assignments for the work of God! It all looks different! Not one is greater than the other! We each must hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and follow it every day.

We have been able to speak at several churches and minister the Word of God at the same time. It has been incredible to experience growth in the area of speaking and preaching. Praise God for this opportunity to grow in this. My favorite comment of people has been, “You guys are such a great team!” I am blessed by this!

We are homeschooling our children! I am amazed how much I love it. How much it is so right for us. I never would have thought I would home school.  But because of being overseas I was pretty much forced to do it. Now that I’ve researched about it all I know this is for our family.  Yes I have my days with them fighting too much! But most of the time it is because of certain reasons that can be helped. We’re always improving to help the schedule flow smoothly! We are doing Sonlight Curriculum and we love it.  But the phonic program we are using is called Jolly Phonics, from Europe bought on!

Matthew is doing well. Other than a sinus infection right now he is healed. It could have been so much worse! I will write out Psalm 124 on a diff blog post after this!

We know we will be heading back somewhere! I know this is my passion because when I was 15 my passion has always been for neglected persons whether children from neglected families or now neglected people in hearing the truth!

We know the Holy Spirit is the key to any work. We desire to know the fullness and to be filled overflowing with Him.

At airport!

This picture was taken at the airport after he was dropped off!

At airport waiting

This was us waiting in the airport for 2 hours waiting to hear from officials about us being able to get on the plane.

Christmas with Lynn and my aunt Alice

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