Homeschooling since June 2017!

God has been so amazing to give me the strength to learn about my children and myself in a way that helps me know how to home school better!

It is 100% the Lord’s will that we started home school. The children get  along so much better now. Abigail and Esther are best friends. Elijah and Isaiah are best friends.

Elijah, my 9 year old, lost some of his skills to pretend play before home schooling, but now his skills are sharpened and he enjoys pretend playing with his siblings! This is such an answer to prayer.

My daughter Abigail who is 11 years old is such a huge helper in our family! I strongly believe that home school has allowed a love to cultivate between the siblings that wasn’t as strong as before home school.

For example,

Abigail and Esther now sleep together in the same bed and room. Abigail wakes up and dresses Esther and fixes her hair. She helps her shower and brush her teeth. This is a great relief to me since I needed help with this. Abigail’s personality thrives when she gets to be in charge like this.

They have had many times of trials in their relationships that they have had to work out without me there at times, which has helped them mature. I allow them to work out most of their problems until it really escalates so they can start to learn how to problem solve in relationships.

They have cultivated creativity in making up games to play when they are bored, which fosters relationship with one another.

They have notes on their doors of how much they love their brother or sister. They have created handshakes to represent their relationship with their same sex sibling.

They read to one another at night. They help each other with learning new things in sports and practicing with each other.

They are learning more to speak encouraging words at all times. This is something that needs to be seen, heard, and modeled over and over.

Finally, having more time together in general, has allowed me the freedom to discipline, discuss, or teach them things when I see their failures or sins. Before, when they were in school, I felt rushed all the time to get everything done, that I neglected taking the right amount of time to discipline or teach correctly in love. By God’s grace every time my child sins, I see it as an opportunity to show them how much they need Jesus, just like I need Jesus. The law is our tutor to show us how much we need Jesus! Without the law we wouldn’t know how bad off we are! The Holy Spirit will use the times they are disciplined to guide and lead them to Jesus’ forgiveness!

God told me this before I started homeschooling in 2017: In my eyes, every time you discipline your children in love, it’s the same as cuddling with them. Both are pure acts of love you are showing them. Don’t neglect either one or your children will become unbalanced in life.

Daddy with the kids 2017!

Kids at the Home School Field Trip with Selah when we visited the old historical trains!
Family gathering!
Family picture 2017


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