Fresh perspective on my identity in Christ!

Candace Cameron’s video where she spoke to Liberty University really helped me this week!

I loved her transparency! She articulated what I had been feeling as a mother which brought great clarity to me!

She said that she had been working as an actress since she was 10 and when she became a mother in her twenties she had a wake up call. Her wake up call was mainly spiritual. She decided to stay home to focus on raising her children. As she did that, she realized the lack of purpose she felt and the lack of pats on the back that she used to get with her director. Her heart started to seek the deeper meaning of why she believed in Christ and started reading the Bible more intensely.  She discovered that her entire purpose in life was to glorify God. And that acting was one avenue she could glorify God, that being a mom was one way, and being a wife was another way. All the work we do in life are just avenues in which to glorify God.

This helped me a lot, because it’s true. As a mom, we struggle with working so hard every day, but we don’t get raises or pats on the back for doing a good job. But I see myself in the same eyes as I see the greatest missionary or minister working for God in their field.

To be faithful ever day in helping the children have good habits in all aspects of life is a daunting task! It’s a task that will glorify God if I do it as working for the Lord and not for man!

I see myself through God’s eyes and I see my work as extremely valuable now. I had lost sight of this truth here recently, which explains my loss of motivation for desiring to continue in my faithfulness.

I have a renewed sense of dependency on God.

One more thing:

Two nights ago I was helping my daughter, Abigail, meditate on the Bible Verse from Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” After meditating on that verse it hit me!

I don’t have some of my desires met because I am not enjoying spending time with God! God doesn’t want to give us our desires if we are not first enjoying Him! I would have no reason or motive to make sure I’m enjoying Him if I have everything I desire!

My purpose is not only to glorify Him, but to enjoy Him forever! John Piper says this and I fully agree!


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