Delivered from the habit of yelling at my kids!!!

The latest thing the Lord has shown me about parenting is:

the more I yell, the more rebellion will set in my child’s heart whether I want it to or not.

Some people struggle with yelling more than others based on their background and if their parents yelled or not. There is no shame in talking about our weaknesses! I feel more victory after I share my weaknesses. I am desperate to be more like Jesus and I want to do whatever it takes! Because of this view I was sharing with my friend last week of my struggle with yelling. As she was sharing her struggles with yelling I felt the eyes of my heart open!!

God will speak to you as you open up and confess your sins one to another. There is healing and power as you open up!

James 5:16 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

This is exactly what happened to me! God’s Word is proven true over and over in my life and in the lives of millions of others!

God opened my eyes to the truth and lies about yelling. So many people think, I have to yell to get my kids attention or if I don’t yell I don’t know what else to do or yelling is a way to release my frustration, how else can I release my frustration.

I know in my spirit now more than ever that when I am in Him He is peace in my soul. I am not ever going to be perfect nor do I expect that from myself. Since I am a child of God, born again and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ I can walk in peace everyday. Because my peace doesn’t come from circumstances around me. My peace comes from Jesus who is with me everyday. The Holy Spirit guides me through each moment and every word I say. Yes I make mistakes. But there is a definite difference in making mistakes and habitual sin.

An example: Today I wake up and my kitchen and upstairs is a living mess due to the busyness of yesterday! I have no energy to clean anything today. I have low energy due to womanly things today. On top of the many responsibilities of getting two older kids off to the school bus by 7:05am I have to tend to the two younger kids. Knowing the kitchen is a mess, I lay on my couch doing nothing out of complete exhaustion my 4 year old son decides to get the red pitcher off of the counter to get some juice. He spills it all over the floor and the table. Wow! The old Tabitha with the habitual yelling problem would have immediately gotten up, yelled, and would have been stressed out completely! Today I had complete peace knowing that it’s all going to work out; that yelling at Isaiah would not solve anything, but only make things worse. My husband, Matthew was home and was able to clean some of it up after Isaiah attempted to clean it. I just thank God for truly changing me. Jesus has already given me peace!!! I just need to believe it and walk in it.

John 14:27 “”I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Thank you God for your power to deliver us from any habitual sin in our lives that does not glorify You!

At the fair 2016
At the fair 2016
Backyard picnic!
Backyard picnic!

December 10, 2018

I want to testify of God’s goodness! I have yelled less and less since this last post! God allowed me to suffer a nodule on my vocal chords since 2017 which has forced me even more to not yell. I have been very sad at times knowing I can’t sing right now, but then I rejoice at the thought that the habit of yelling in my life has dramatically decreased, especially because of the vocal nodules. I know God will heal me completely in His timing. I trust Him. I want my children to remember their mother who had a gentle yet passionate heart, not a hot tempered mother who lost it sometimes. 🙂

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