A brief Timeline of our lives since Oct of 2012-Present

Outfits from Melilla!
Outfits from Melilla!

We have really had a learning time through this entire process!

Timeline of our time since we have been back.

October 3rd-Oct 21st 2012 Matthew was held. I lived with 3 different wonderful families during that crisis.

Oct 21st to Nov 20th 2012 We were in Kenya recovering and getting counseling

Nov 21st 2012 to May 2013 Matthew and I and our 3 kids Abigail, Elijah, and Abigail lived with my parents in their home.

Matthew and I had many opportunities of speaking and singing at churches telling our testimony of how faithful God was during our time of crisis.

March 2013-Matthew went to S. S.dan and Uganda to visit. His plan was to visit India, but the plan failed when he caught Meningitis in South S.dan.

May 2013 to present We moved to an apartment near to my parents to pray and seek the Lord for direction and timing.

June 2013 Lynn, Matthew’s mother sold her home in Lubbock, Tx. She came to live with us in our apartment! What a blessing she has been! What a blessing it has been to learn how to live and thrive with each other before moving overseas together! We have now found  how to gel together!

Lynn after coming back from her trip with Matthew to Melilla!
Lynn after coming back from her trip with Matthew to Melilla!

-We have had time to focus on our health. To focus on eating the right foods and taking enough vitamins. Preparing ourselves to get back on the field.

-August of 2013 to Jan of 2014 our 2 oldest kids went to Public School.

-July 3rd I had a miscarriage. I had not known I was not pregnant. It was a little bit dramatic, but it all turned out well. No DNC was needed praise the Lord. With Lynn’s help living with us everything ran smoothly at home those next few days.

-We had 2 different marriage conferences we were able to attend! That really strengthened our marriage!

-The Lord has grown us in the area of parenting from a biblical standard-a godly standard according to God’s Word.

-We kept seeking the Lord and asking God to open the right doors. We sought out 6 different countries asking God which one.  We prayed and took some time on each country asking the Lord to speak to us. They were:

1.S. S.dan


3. Chad

4. Egypt



The Lord shut all these doors to these countries. Then the Lord showed us an open door to…..

7. Melilla, Spain which lies on top of Morocco. It is part of North Africa, but owned by Spain.

-March of 2014 Lynn and Matthew took a trip to Melilla to check out the contacts there and they felt a wide open door that God was opening. They applied for visas there. We didn’t know how long the visas could take. We heard it could take up to 6 months. We just didn’t know.

-Jan 2014 Because of our plans to move overseas possibly soon, we decided to take our 2 older kids out of public school in order to home school them so that our family would be ready to move overseas when necessary.

-We also have been involved serving our local church called Antioch. www.teamantioch.com. Our new location is now Downtown at the West End Dart Rail Station. We have helped co lead a community group Downtown every Wed night.

-We found out in Feb 2014 We are expecting our 4th child!!! We will soon find out if it is a boy or girl! With the visa process taking longer than expected we might have the baby here in the States and when we get the visa we will pack up and head to North Africa after the baby is born! The baby is due on Sept 24th 2014. Praise the Lord.

-I have had 3 or 4 strong encounters with the Lord by Him helping me grieve over the loss of S.dan. Working through the grief has been a longer process than I first thought. It came in waves. Thank God He has helped me release the grief and have victory to move on to the next thing the Lord has for us.

-We have had great times with our families. To grow stronger and closer with them.

– We desire to use the rest of this time here while waiting on our visas to mobilize people to reach out in love to our Cousins!

-As we have had the opportunity to home school we have learned more how to minister in love as a family unit instead of just the parents. The children learned a lot from Classical Conversations. We will continue this curriculum at home as much as possible even though we will not continue Classical Conversations. It was a great experience

August 2014 Our 2 older children will go back to the Public School. We will prepare for learning Spanish and then another language after that. Our Arabic will be of good use there! Praise God.

In the next blog I will write more specifically what God has taught us through this time of waiting and seeking.

Tabitha Bratcher



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