A particular sin the Lord is helping me gain much victory in:

One example of a sin in my life that I always think about growing in is being a submissive wife with a gentle and quiet spirit. I did not see so many examples of this before. So this has been harder for me to see what it is supposed to look like all the time. Ever since February of 2012 when God told me that as I submit to my husband in an even greater way and in a true biblical way that God would pour out signs and wonders in our lives here and that this would release Matthew into seeing great fruit! I am experiencing a desire to respect Matthew more than ever before. It’s hard for me to respect him sometimes because of the differences in how we were raised. There is no sin involved but it’s hard accepting or understanding where he’s coming from. So because sometimes I don’t understand or see things the way he sees it I tend to let go of respect for him. But this shouldn’t be! God wants me to respect him no matter what! I actually do respect him most of the time, but God wants to take me to another level and keep purging any and every sin in me. So I’m learning how to push through the different viewpoint that he has and respect him with my heart and tone of voice even though I don’t see things the way he does. Because of obeying God in this area of my life it has opened a door for me to understand his viewpoint with more clarity. Respecting my husband in a biblical way looks like this for me: Thinking the best about him always, never commanding him to do something, never yelling at him, never talking down to him, praying for him, thinking of how I can help him throughout my day, and to talk good things about him in front of the children at all times. By the way, Matthew is such a great husband! He really loves me the way the Bible talks about. It is such a testimony of Jesus in His life. He helps me with everything. He is very compassionate and enjoys spending hours talking with me! What more could a wife ask for?? I feel led to go into details of my life because it may help someone in the body of Christ who is struggling with something similar! Edification of the body is my utmost desire!

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